How much does a wall mural cost?

How much does a wall mural cost? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the industry, and the most debatable. The price of a graffiti or street art wall mural that is 3 metres by 4 metres, ranges from $3,000 - $5,000. What dictates the price is dependent on a variety of factors, namely, […]
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Creating a Visual Impact for Your Business Through Wall Murals

Let's face it, nobody wants their business to be generic. Every business's ultimate goal is to stand out in often over-crowded industries and be a product or service provider with something unique to offer. Just as it's important to have this unique offering, it's equally important to have your place of business stand out; visually […]
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The Wall Mural Painting Process

(Above: A public wall mural in the detailing phase of the painting process. You can read more about the artwork in our portfolio.)  — THE PRE-PAINTING PROCESS Designing the Mural The wall mural painting process begins with an initial consultation. This consultation serves to identify what the client’s vision and goals are for their mural, inspect […]
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Why You Should Invest in an Anti-Graffiti Coating

(Above: Anti Graffiti Coatings protect your walls from unsightly tagging, allowing it to be easily, quickly, and cheaply cleaned off.)  — If you’ve looked into having an outdoor wall mural painted, you’ve likely had concerns about the artwork being vandalized. Not only is graffiti and tagging unsightly, and difficult to remove, it can also cause […]
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Ways a Custom Wall Mural Can Benefit Your Business

(Above: Local business Knox Vet Clinic has gained social media attention thanks to passers-by posing for photos with their new custom wall mural located on the exterior wall of their practice. You can read more about the artwork in our portfolio.)  — If you’re looking for new ways to grow your business, expand your reach, and […]
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