Creating a Visual Impact for Your Business Through Wall Murals

Let's face it, nobody wants their business to be generic. Every business's ultimate goal is to stand out in often over-crowded industries and be a product or service provider with something unique to offer. Just as it's important to have this unique offering, it's equally important to have your place of business stand out; visually appealing office spaces have more of an impact on passers-by than their bland counterparts.

Every business relies on signage to be successful, whether it be a cafe, sporting store, or even a bank. Without good signage, passers-by are less likely to notice a business, so it's vital to not only have signage that is highly visible, but which stands out and is memorable.

Most businesses rely solely on general signage, which includes window prints, vinyl graphics, printed signs, and router cut lettering. These options are extremely common, leaving little room to stand out in the crowd. These types of signage also come with the cost of extensive repair work, due to the usage of screws, glue, or nails to attach them to the building's exterior, causing unsightly damage should they ever need to be removed.

Fortunately, common, generic signage methods are not your only option when it comes to branding and marketing. We believe that having a custom wall mural is a fantastic and unique way to increase the visibility and identification of your business.

To provide a working example of this, let’s use a veterinarian clinic.

This vet clinic has a main road presence in a prime location. While general signage can alert drivers to the clinic, it's sometimes hard to differentiate between the vet clinic and neighbouring businesses. If a business's signage is not clear it can create not only an inconvenience, but a road hazard for drivers who have to slow down, check maps, and search for street numbers. Instead, this clinic can take advantage of its large open wall and great location - imagine the visibility of a custom-designed, beautifully handcrafted, detailed piece of artwork on their building. Imagine a large, colourful portrait of a cute dog, or a collage of fuzzy friends beaming at passers-by.

With this approach, the vet clinic now becomes highly visible and unique, which allows for easier identification and encourages foot-traffic. The result is an engaging atmosphere for whoever may be driving, riding or walking past the business. This can lead to increased exposure through social media platforms and word of mouth as people share photos of the mural and discuss it with others.

From the example above, you can see how beneficial a custom wall mural can be when looking to brand or market your business. The visual impact of a unique piece of wall art offers a step up on local competition's generic signage.

Remember, if you're paying for a building, you're paying for a blank canvas. So, why not use this as a tool to start engaging with the community and bring in new customers!

People love different and engaging atmospheres - use this to your advantage!

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