A Legacy

This mural was created for Edgar's Mission, an animal rescue sanctuary located in Lancefield VIC. The design of this mural was to honour the generous, charitable  donators of Edgar's Mission, who leave money to the sanctuary in their will also known as a 'Bequest'. This mural also had to be functional and used as a way to honour and represent these individuals. The mural is painted onto magnetic sheet metal panels, this was important due to the donators names being printed onto magnetic maple leaves and stuck on top of the painted maple leaves. Each leaf was painted using an accurately sized stencil template to ensure the correct size and placement of the magnets.

I had many conversations with Edgar's Mission on the design of this mural, through these conversations they were able to convey the importance behind creating this mural and also how it needed to be functional. Liaising back and forth for many weeks, my final design for the mural included a large maple tree, flowery hedges at the forefront running alongside an old style rural timber fence, a grassy field with distant mountains and a pink & blue sunset. To help set the tone, I used a light green to paint a path leading from the rural timber gate through to the hills. This tells the story that these individuals have walked off into the sunset to live on forever through those who are involved with Edgar's Mission.

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