As Sun Sets On the Eltham Copper Butterfly


Client: Residential Outdoor
Location: Eltham, Victoria

It was an honor to paint a mural which included the native and ever rare Eltham Copper Butterfly. To ensure the mural properly represented the amazing habitat and behaviors of the butterfly, research was definitely required before the design process commenced.

The Copper Butterfly once thought to have been extinct, until it's rediscovery in Eltham, In 1986, has a close association with the Notoncus Ant and the Sweet Bursaria shrub. This coexistence starts when the butterflies lay their eggs on the roots of the Bursaria spinosa, once the eggs hatch the Larvae / caterpillars are guarded by the ants who lead them to and from the ant colony in order to feed on the Sweet Bursaria leaves. In return, the ants feed on sugar secretions from the caterpillars.

Also lending itself to the mural is a Female (recognized by the green feathers upon her head) Australian King Parrot. Resting on a branch in front of gum nuts / leaves. These birds are often seen around the Eltham area.

A soft, subtle pink & orange sunset was painted in the background, making sure not to draw attention away from the murals main focal points. This wall mural was painted directly onto cement sheeting and sealed in a UV clear coat for maximum protection against the sun.

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