Big Cats of Sri Lanka

This mural of a Sri Lankan Leopard was designed and painted for Black Label Grill, a burger shop located in Mount Waverley VIC. The business owners have a Sri Lankan background and also serve native Sri Lankan cuisine at certain times throughout the day. The idea behind the artwork was to create a talking point between customers, to brighten up the space and to tie into the forthcoming jungle themed wall, which will soon include greenery alongside the empty space next to the mural.

With the approval of the owners, I opted to paint the mural onto MDF boards rather than directly to the wall. The main reason behind this application was to avoid disrupting their trading hours. This will also allow the mural to be relocated if they decide to move location, this can be done very easily, by un-screwing the 4x MDF boards. The wall mural was painted off-site, in my studio / garage space. With the help of the utmost professional Barry Davies, from Taffy Installations we installed the MDF boards via a timber frame onto the wall. The totaling size of the mural is 3660mm x 1830mm.

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