Ways a Custom Wall Mural Can Benefit Your Business

(Above: Local business Knox Vet Clinic has gained social media attention thanks to passers-by posing for photos with their new custom wall mural located on the exterior wall of their practice. You can read more about the artwork in our portfolio.

If you’re looking for new ways to grow your business, expand your reach, and attract new customers to your growing fanbase, it may be worth investing in a custom wall mural.

Whether indoor or outdoor, custom wall murals, such as the ones we create at Graphic Enhancement, have the power to expand your business in a whole new way. With the potential for social media attention, as well as their ability to completely change the vibe of your business space, a custom wall mural can only benefit your business.

Here are seven reasons why we believe your business will benefit from its own custom wall mural…


When potential customers walk by a strip of cafe’s and eateries, there are numerous factors which contribute to their decision to stop and enter a particular store. One important factor is the atmosphere.

A unique business with an eye-catching custom wall mural will undoubtedly stand out from the rest. Indoor murals can create a talking point for customers, while outdoor murals attract passers-by, who are then inclined to check out your interior.


These days everyone is on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. It’s easy to take advantage of this and let the public advertise your business for you using a custom wall mural.
Murals in many cases have even become popular tourist attractions in various cities. From the outdoor art galleries of Germany’s Berlin Wall to the mysterious graffiti alleyways of our very own city of Melbourne, Victoria’s Silo Art Trail, or Prague’s famous John Lennon Wall, murals play an important role in the art scene of modern society.
People love creativity and appreciate hand painted artworks in an age of digital media. Whether passers-by are stopping to have their photo taken in front of your mural, or taking a photo of the wall itself, your mural has the potential to reach millions online through the power of social media sharing.


If you offer a service and want to stand out from the competition, a custom wall mural is a great way to do so.

Wall murals are a great way to show off what your business has to offer using art. Spice up your pizza shop with pizza-topping covered walls, paint coffee beans across the front of your cafe counter or create an entire visual menu directly onto your walls. Whether you specialise in selling coffee, kebabs or even craft brewed beer – the sky is the limit!

Custom artwork can also help to attract a certain audience. Show off Jazz Night at your live music venue with a portrait of a jazz player, advertise your used-car dealership with a portrait of your favourite classic vehicle.


One of the most important aspects of growing any business is the ability to attract and retain customers. A unique, custom wall mural allows you the opportunity to leave a lasting impression.
Often it’s businesses offering something a little bit different which stand out and stick in the minds of past customers. Imagery which is unique to your business makes them more likely to remember you, seek you out again in the future, and recommend you to friends and family.


Custom wall murals are a great way of expanding a small space. A well-designed painted mural or canvas art, coupled with great interior design, can transform any size space into a room which appears much larger than it is.
Alternatively, murals can take large, empty spaces and transform them into cosy, warm areas for customers to enjoy all your business has to offer.
Not only can murals transform the size of a room, but they can also alter the feel. If you’re sick of rooms with bland boring walls feeling cold and empty, what better way to breathe new life into them than by adding beautiful custom artwork – which also provides a great, unique talking point for your customers!


Office spaces can be notoriously boring, but custom wall art is a great way to brighten up the office while also reinforcing your branding or brand message.
The ways branding can be used in your murals are almost limitless, however, a few popular ways to incorporate it include:
  • Bright, colourful murals in schools which reinforce positive messages,
  • Brand mottos or colours throughout office spaces,
  • Logos on building exteriors.


It’s not uncommon for businesses with blank walls to face constant graffiti attacks, resulting in unpleasant, unprofessional-looking scrawl all over their business.
Custom graffiti art and wall murals are a great way to ward off the taggers responsible. Displaying a respectable piece of artwork means vandals are less likely to target your walls, compared to unpainted signs, fences, and walls which are often covered in unappealing scribble.
By displaying your own custom artwork, you’re ensuring that your wall is decorated with art that not only looks great but which is completely legal and doesn’t need to be regularly scrubbed off.
With so many benefits to your business, there’s little reason not to have a custom-designed wall mural for your business. Long-term they will pay for themselves in the form of great publicity, client retention and creating a more positive environment for your employees.
For ideas on how a wall mural could best be utilised by your business, if you have any general questions, or if you’re interested in our custom wall mural design and painting services, please feel free to get in touch.

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