Why You Should Invest in an Anti-Graffiti Coating

(Above: Anti Graffiti Coatings protect your walls from unsightly tagging, allowing it to be easily, quickly, and cheaply cleaned off.) 

If you’ve looked into having an outdoor wall mural painted, you’ve likely had concerns about the artwork being vandalized. Not only is graffiti and tagging unsightly, and difficult to remove, it can also cause serious damage to your custom painted wall mural.

Thankfully, there’s now an easy way to combat this. We offer a variety of anti graffiti coatings, ranging from affordable single pack anti graffiti clear coats, to the even more effective two-pack coats.


Anti Graffiti Coatings are a clear protective barrier applied to solid surfaces. We use these coatings to protect our wall mural artwork from sun damage, harsh weather, and graffiti. As an added benefit, surfaces with a clear anti graffiti coating applied are easier to clean and maintain than those without.
Our clear coatings are available in both single-pack and two-pack varieties.


The difference between the single-pack and the two-pack is durability and washability.
The single pack allows 2-3 cleans using a spray paint removal product which you can find at most hardware stores. Selleys Muck Off is a great product which we highly recommend.
The two-pack clear coat is designed to allow up to 10 cleans using the same product, this is achieved by mixing a hardener into the clear enamel.
Both the single pack and the two-pack offer fantastic UV protection, which we strongly recommend to ensure the longevity of your mural if the wall is impacted by the sun on a regular basis. Without the clear coat protection you may find that the artwork fades over time.


The single-pack is relatively easy and quick to apply. The product is poured into a tray and applied to the wall surface using a paint roller, while being sure not to use excessive clear coat product. The coating solution is then rolled on vertically and as evenly as possible, making sure there are no drips or lines of clear coat left to dry, as these will be visible on the mural once fully dried. For the single-pack protection a minimum of two coats is required.
The two-pack is trickier to apply as it involves measuring out how much product is required before adding a mixing agent. Once added, the mixture is stirred until both the clear coat and the mixing agent are thoroughly combined. The two-pack application is similar to the single-pack, however the two-pack must be completely dry before applying the second coat.
For more information on our protective clear coats, if you have any general questions, or if you’re interested in our custom wall mural design and painting services, please feel free to get in touch.

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